New Certifications in the Installation of Xpel PPF

Exciting News! We Earned New Certifications in the Installation of Xpel PPF!

A couple of weeks ago myself and my partner, Chance Hollon spent a week with Xpel, a leader in the Paint Protection industry where we got our certifications in the installation of Xpel Paint Protection Film. We did some research and considered several PPF lines, but decided Xpel is the absolute top of the line, a pioneer really in the PPF industry, and they offer the quality our customers have come to expect.

Many of you know we have been doing some Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation, but along with our expertise in durable, long-lasting protective ceramic coatings, we felt it was time to expand our product offering and capabilities in that area. Xpel now makes American Detail a full service Paint Protection Studio.

Since they hit the automotive aftermarket more than ten years ago, Ceramic Coatings have become a force to be reckoned with and we will be doing another post in a couple of days to talk about them; but when you combine invisible PPF underneath a ceramic coating,you are not just holding your shine, cutting wash times in half, and preventing discolorations, fading and the damage caused by environmental contaminants –but you are also safeguarding against damage caused by scratches , flying road debris, rock chips, acid rain and other chemical contamination , and to some extent – pings, dings and dents caused by rough clothing, bumps, keys, light hail, etc.

Chance and I went all in on getting our certifications and purchased the software and equipment to cover every inch of any OEM vehicle, large or small, with PPF, from the roof and hood to the side panels, back end and front end.

Xpel paint protection film is not just a clear piece of film that protects the front end known as Clear Bra. You can focus our paint protection coverage on only the most vulnerable spots, or you can cover the entire vehicle. It will prevent swirls and holograms, water spot sand streaks, and you will never have to wax your vehicle again.

Not only that, you will get a lot more for your trade-in or when you sell your vehicle, and even after 10 years,people will think your car or truck is brand new!

There is some prep work required before laying PPF down. We must repair any flaws in your paint prior to installing PPF because it will seal your paint forever – especially if we add a ceramic coating on top, so it is imperative that we get your paint surface flawless!

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